Dr. Jolyon Troscianko

Jolyon is a NERC funded independent research fellow at Exeter University (UK). He is the lead author and main coder for the micaToolbox, and a keen developer of camera hardware for calibrated photography, particularly (but not only) UV photography. Jolyon works on many different animal systems through a network of collaborations. More information can be found on his personal website and the Exeter Visual Ecology Group website.

Cedric van den Berg

Cedric is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is an author (together with Jolyon) of the QCPA framework and longtime tester and debugger of the micaToolbox. He has specialised in underwater calibrated photography and is a keen developer of lighting solutions. His work focuses on the study of defensive colouration using nudibranch molluscs. More information can be found on his personal website.

Collaborators and Contributors

Martin Stevens was a key contributor to version 1 of the micaToolbox, and along with his co-authors described many of the stages required for objective animal-vision photography. See more here: Stevens, M., Parraga, C. A., Cuthill, I. C., Partridge, J. C., & Troscianko, T. S. (2007). Using digital photography to study animal coloration. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 90(2), 211–237.

John A. Endler conceptualised many of the analysis techniques used by the QCPA framework (in some cases many decades ago), including the adjacency analysis, visual contrast analysis and boundary strength analysis. John has also contributed to the new methods we have have deployed in the QCPA framework.

Karen Cheney and Justin Marshall contributed to the new methods we have deployed in the QCPA framework.

Eleanor Caves & Sönke Johnsen developed the AcuityView package, which we have re-written for ImageJ.

Would you like to be a fellow contributor? Please do get in touch with the lead developers!