Spectral Sensitivity-Based Cone Catch Model

This is the standard old method (see Troscianko & Stevens 2015). It requires knowing the spectral sensitivities of the camera, which in practice are extremely difficult to measure. You will need a source of monochromated light (e.g. monochromator, or bandpass

Chart-Based Cone-Catch Model

Using a standard colour chart it is possible to create a cone-catch model. This method requires: A diffuse colour chart with precisely known spectral reflectance curves (the toolbox provides these curves for an X-Rite colorChecker passport). A .csv file containing

Creating Cone-Catch Models

If your hypotheses depend on the appearance of the object to a specific visual system/model species, or absolute measures of colour are required then cone-catch images are recommended. This conversion produces images based on the spectral sensitivities of a given