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When using the MICA toolbox or any of its components you will have to cite Troscianko & Stevens (2015).

When using any of the components introduced to MICA by QCPA you will have to cite our forthcoming paper (van den Berg & Troscianko et al. 2019).

When using the AcuityView module in QCPA you will have to cite both Caves & Johnsen 2017 as well as van den Berg & Troscianko et al. 2019

The MICA toolbox provides the user with continuous feedback on who and what to cite via regularly placed popups.


Caves, E.M. & Johnsen, S. 2017. AcuityView: An R package for portraying the effects of visual acuity on scenes observed by an animal. ARPN J. Eng. Appl. Sci.12: 3218–3221

Troscianko, J. & Stevens, M. 2015. Image calibration and analysis toolbox – a free software suite for objectively measuring reflectance , colour and pattern. Methods Ecol. Evol. 1320–1331.

van den Berg, C. P., Troscianko J., Endler J. A., Marshall N. J., Cheney K.L., Quantitative Colour Pattern Analysis (QCPA): A comprehensive Framework for the Analysis of Colour Patterns in Nature. bioRxiv 592261; doi:

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