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When using the MICA toolbox or any of its components you will have to cite Troscianko & Stevens (2015).

When using any of the components introduced to MICA by QCPA you will have to cite our forthcoming paper (van den Berg & Troscianko et al. 2020).

When using the AcuityView module in QCPA you will have to cite both Caves & Johnsen 2017 as well as van den Berg & Troscianko et al. 2020

The MICA toolbox provides the user with continuous feedback on who and what to cite via regularly placed popups.


Caves, E.M. & Johnsen, S. 2017. AcuityView: An R package for portraying the effects of visual acuity on scenes observed by an animal. ARPN J. Eng. Appl. Sci.12: 3218–3221

Troscianko, J. & Stevens, M. 2015. Image calibration and analysis toolbox – a free software suite for objectively measuring reflectance , colour and pattern. Methods Ecol. Evol. 1320–1331.

van den Berg, C. P., Troscianko, J., Endler, J. A., Marshall, N. J. J. and Cheney, K. L. (2020). Quantitative Colour Pattern Analysis (QCPA): A comprehensive framework for the analysis of colour patterns in nature. Methods Ecol. Evol. 11, 316–332.

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