This was fixed in the upgrade to v2.2.2, but here’s how:

Issues for users of v2.1.1 with opening or creating .mspec files can be explained by an error in the ‘DCRAW_import.ijm’ script (Plugins -> micaToolbox -> tools).

Replace lines 19 – 27 with:

rawPath = File.openDialog(“Select RAW file”);

//tifPath = split(rawPath,”.”);

//tifPath = replace(rawPath, tifPath[tifPath.length-1], “tiff”);

tifPath = rawPath + “.tiff”;

To do this, open the script with a text editor, save the changed file and reload imageJ.

Additionally, users could experience issues opening or creating .mpsec files due to using the very latest RAW files not included in the libRaw version in the toolbox v2.2.2 or v2.1.1

You can find an updated version of the libRaw library (28.3.2023) for Windows users here:

Quick fixes to errors creating or loading .mspec images in v2.1.1 (this was fixed in v2.2.2) + 2023 libRaw update for Windows users

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