I am having an issue with the software not being able to save information.

I have been trying to calibrate my camera using the model linearisation models. I am able to make the models which have high R^2 values (0.999-red, 1.0-blue, 1.0-green) but I am not able to save the information into the system.

When I try to save the information, I get the following error message:

“/private/var/folders/01/q3lkb1gs30bg0_3222syd00m0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/167214B1-A68A-44C2-8751-342FFD7ED032/d/ImageJ .app/plugins/micaToolbox/Linearisation Models/Sonya7II.text (Read-only system)” in line 239

Has anyone experienced this or be able to give me advice on how to fix this?
Thank you!

Error message (read-only system) – micatoolbox camera calibration and model linearisation
Cedric van den Berg Answered question May 10, 2024