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We have started to collect a list of literature featuring research on spectral sensitivities of photoreceptors in a variety of organisms. Please let us know if you are aware of research that should be featured on this site. This list makes no claim on being complete nor do we comment on any of the listed research. Bear in mind that many animal eyes contain components such as the cornea, oil dropplets and the occular media which modify the spectral sensitivities of a visual system. Check carefully if that applies to a species of your interest and if the data you are using takes these into account. Some of this literature simply cites originial sources and these papers are therefore not the original authors of the spectral sensitvities. Please make sure you source the original authors if you end up using their data. This list is work in progress and can be used as a start for individual literature research if you are looking for spectral sensitivities of organisms not supplied by the MICA toolbox. See here for how to implement these into the toolbox. If you end up adding your own spectral sensitvities to the toolbox we will be stoked if you forward them to us and we will add them to the toolbox with thorough accreditation.

Please do give this platform credit in case you do make use of this list.

Fresh picks:

For a good – very recent- read on non-model organism visual systems have a look at this freshly published special issue.

For a recent, thorough, review on insect colour vision see here


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