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UV photography requires a UV-pass filter (for UV-only photography) and a visible-spectrum-pass filter (also called a UV/IR cut or blocking filter). Photographs are taken with each of these filters using a full-spectrum camera.

Available filters (empirical imaging has no affiliation with these companies):

Baader Venus-U filter
This is the standard filter which has been used for many years. It has excellent IR blocking, and the transmission is in a suitable range. It can also be easily paired with the Baader UV/IR blocking filter for photography in the visible region. One downside is that the thread sizes are standard for astronomical instruments, but not cameras.
Andrea “U”
The specifications of this filter are excellent, and it uses a more standard thread size than the Baader filters.
Kolari Vision UV Photography FilterThe specification of this filter sounds ok (though with fairly low maximum transmission of 50% at 365nm), and decent sounding IR suppression. But they haven’t published a full transmission profile. We haven’t tested it though. The colour-correcting UV/IR cut filter from the same supplier sounds ideal for getting a more sensible colour in the visible-range than the above Baader UV/IR cut filter.
UV-VIS filters
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