List of Spectral Sensitivities

We have started to collect a list of literature featuring research on spectral sensitivities of photoreceptors in a variety of organisms. Please let us know if you are aware of research that should be featured on this site. This list

Make Your Own: Colour & Grey Standard

Colour and grey standards are diverse and should be fitted to their purpose. As they fundamentally define the quality of the image data they deserve careful attention prior to image acquisition. There is a range of commercially available colour standards

Make Your Own: Camera Calibration

There are multiple ways one can calibrate a camera to be used for MICA. Here, we present the “standard” and most thorough methdology: Calibrating a Camera using a Monochromator and a Spectroradiometer In essence, the process entails: Projecting a light

Make Your Own: Spectral Sensitivity & Illuminant Files

The MICA toolbox allows the user to import any desired spectral sensitivities or illuminant. It is important that the files have 1nm bins and are formatted correctly as .csv files. Please use existing files in the toolbox to see how