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I share your feelings on Matlab, hence the question...I suppose we'll try that for now, or maybe just use the…View comment
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R^2 values are quite good-- all >0.98 when I do bluetit 300-700 nm (or >0.99 if I do 3 interaction…View comment
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Update: we were able to get it to work by contacting some colleagues with a spectroradiometer and shipping them our…View comment
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Hi Chris, I’m experiencing the same problem. Did you manage to find a solution for this? Cheers, MarkView comment
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Thank you for getting back to me! If you don't mind me asking you to confirm that I'm understanding you…View comment
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Hi Cedric, thank you for your help! Both solutions work. Solution 2 is definitely better because the batch script ("Batch_Multispectral_Image_Analysis")…View comment
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Hi Hannah I am a student from China and I want to tell you that this is not a niche…View comment
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Dear Jolyon, thank you for your reply and advice. I will then use the Sony A7S as body and look…View comment
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Thanks for your wisdom here! Even just knowing that it's not something trivial is very reassuring...I've been really stumped on…View comment
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