I am writing in regards to the message I sent 4 days ago. I tested out the \”Generate multispectral image\’ with the micatoolbox v2.2 on a PC, and was able to succesfully open the image.

I also tried running v2.1 and had the same issues – able to open a RAW image (my file type is CR2) with the micatoolbox > tools > dcraw import but get a file error when trying to open the finder window when generating a multispectral image.

Error: File open error
\”/private/var/folders/l5/v61lc2297358vp5r8xxjzs140000gn/T/AppTranslocation/BEAADCF1-759E-4DF3-9489-E41CD29C46EE/d/ImageJ.app/plugins/micaToolbox/importSettings.txt (Read-only file system)\”
in line 218:

dataFile = File . open ( settingsFilePath <)> ;

Update on mspec failing to load
mjo234 Asked question June 9, 2023