For context, I am trying to generate quantifiable colour measurements to include in linear models, to see whether variables affect colours of my subjects. I am using subjects that are mainly dark with small brighter-coloured dots.

The subjects of my pictures aren’t bright enough, so while the image in general is well-exposed, the subject isn’t. Can I adjust the exposure/contrast/highlights of the raw file in photoshop first and save it as a .TIF file, then generate a Multispectral image in MICA by importing it as a “Linear Image” and measure the visible normalised RBG (which I would then use as response variables in my models)? Will this adjustment of the exposure/contrast/highlights affect my results? Is this even necessary? Does the selecting of grey standards automatically correct for problems with exposure in the image?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Adjusting raw photos in photoshop before importing?
Hugo Answered question July 1, 2020