I am trying to create a csv with spectral sensitivities for painted turtles, and saw that I should “use existing files in the toolbox to see how the spectra and sensitivities need to be normalised as well as in what order the channels need to be arranged.” I looked at the csv files included in the toolbox, and can see the arrangement of values, but I am having difficulty understanding what units the data are in and how I should normalize data to input into the csv. The sensitivity plots I see in published research usually range from zero to one, or are on a log scale, but the values in the csv files don’t seem to be consistent with that. Say for example I have the following figure (taken from Arnold & Neumeyer, 1987). How would I convert this to be meaningful for micaToolbox? On a separate note, I would like to get this correct and placed in the toolbox by default so that others can use a readily available turtle spectral sensitivity file. Thanks for the time and the great toolbox! -Jessica

Arnold, Karin, and Christa Neumeyer. “Wavelength discrimination in the turtle Pseudemys scripta elegans.” Vision Research 27.9 (1987): 1501-1511.

Creating a spectral sensitivity file
jolyon Answered question June 17, 2021