I’m an undergrad student working with a phD student on post-fire seed camouflage. We want to know if there are differences of seed colour between northern and southern populations of jack pine, since they experience different fire regimes (frequent fires in the north and rare fires in the south). The main predators of jackpine seeds are birds, so we need to take pictures in the UV as well. Since we are working with a large volume of seeds (2000, 4000 pictures total), we were wondering if it is possible to use batch-processing to create a large volume of calibrated .mspec images in an automated way.

Also, we will probably take UV and visible images separately. They are only two options in the micaToolbox for calibrated .mspec images (Visible and Visible & UV). How can we take pictures in the UV spectrum only ? Do we have to select Visible as well ?

Thanks !

Creating multiple .mspec calibrated image in UV only
jolyon Answered question November 11, 2022