I am trying to generate multispectral images of RAW photos of monkeyflowers taken with a UV camera, but I keep running into an error message. I am able to upload an image and enter my specifications (Visible camera type, RAW image type, standards in same photo, estimate black point, no alignment, and Linear Normalised Reflectance Stack output). I am then prompted to select my standard. After I select the standard, however, I am given the following error message:

Action Required

The reflectance metadata are not present – has this image already been processed?

If I select either ‘OK’ or ‘cancel’ on this error message, the image becomes extremely overexposed in all 3 channels. I am fairly new to image processing and unsure of what this message means, could you please provide some guidance?

For reference, I am using ImageJ version 2.14.0 and micaToolbox version 2.2.2.

Thank you!

Error message when generating mspec image
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish January 24, 2024