Thanks for your work building and maintaining this toolbox!

I am using a different package (patternize) to extract color patterns because I need the landmark-based functionality to batch process and ensure I am working with homologous regions across photos. However, I was hoping to use the mica toolbox to normalize the lighting of these photos first. For the moment, I am not doing visual modeling in this analysis.

Do you have recommendations on how to save/export the mspecs to a standard image format so that they could be used in other packages? I have tried Image Visualization > Make Presentation Image (using default settings), but these images appear very dull in color compared with the original photos. The duller color in the photos makes subsequent color classification more difficult. Doing the same step but selecting “CIEXYZ to sRGB conversion” results in the red channel being way over-saturated.

Exporting normalized photos for use in other analysis packages
James Answered question April 29, 2021