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I am having trouble generating results from the QCPA without using methods relying on the RNL model. I am working with a turtle, and unfortunately turtles seem to be one of the few situations where RNL is not recommended (van den Berg 2020 specifically mentions Rocha et al. as a circumstance to avoid RNL). However, I am not sure where that leaves me with getting values from the framework.

I think that I am after values like patch Dmax and patch luminance, since I am measuring arm stripe color to relate to immune function, and a reviewer suggested that I should be after chromatic and achromatic contrast. I am not sure how to get those values from QCPA, since every time I uncheck the option for the RNL ranked filter and set clustering to an option other than RNL cluster, I don’t get any values in the output, and sometimes I get errors. Also potentially relevant is that I have a specific ROI selected of the arm. Do you know how I could get these values for turtle arm stripes? Or if I am just heading off in the wrong direction? Thank you!

As always, I appreciate your time!

How to use QCPA without relying on RNL model
Cedric van den Berg Answered question February 10, 2022