I took this UV photograph to quantify insects color including UV.
An insect is centered in this photograph.
However, I don’t know that this photograph is suitable to use.
Another picture is shown that RGB histograms of the UV photograph.
R and B histograms are seemed that be centered and well-balanced spread.
But G histogram is seemed that be leaning to the left and stretches upwards.
In this case, does it need to adjust that G histogram is also centered and well-balanced spread?

ISO was 1600 and shutter speed was 0.25s when I took this photograph.
Does it need to adjust ISO and shutter speed?

I took this photograph at 14:30, and the weather was sunny.

The camera that was used was Canon EOS7D (full spectrum) with Nikon EL-NIKKOR 80mm f5.6 and BAADER U-Filter 31.7mm, Kenko DR-655 Filter 55mm.

Sorry for my bad English.
Thanks in advance.

・UV photograph’s URL


・Another picture’s URL


Is this UV photograph suitable?
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