it may be a stupid question but I want to ensure I got it done right. I created my multispectral image and my cone catch model for the turkey using an equivalent of the Xrite color checker chart.

When I made those images, they came out ‘normal’ I’d say (no saturation or overexposed area). However, when I load back my multispectral image, before converting it into cone catch, my Normalized R channel looked very bright like overexposed, which is not the case when it was first created. But the final cone catch converted stacks looks okay, no negative values at all, and the fit of my models are over 0.99. So my question are:
– Is it normal ?
– Can this impair my measurements?

Dr. Alexis Y. Dollion

Loaded mspec looks overexposed while it wasn’t when created
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish July 11, 2023