Hello all, I am attempting macro photography of tiny beetles using badaar u and ir pass filters. My camera set up is a sony A7 with the novoflex noflexar 35mm lens fitted in reverse mode for >1 imaging.

For creating cone catch models, both the sony a7 and the noflexar lens are available for camera calibration using spectral sensitivities, however not in combination. The options are either the Samsung NX1000 with the novoflex lens, or the Sony A7 with the Nikkor lens. Would either of these options be acceptable to use for my current set up? Or would I be better off purchasing a colourchecker chart and use that to generate my cone catch models?

If I buy an x-rite colourchecker my question is this: can I get the mini colourchecker chart or do I need to invest in the nano version (substantially more expensive)? The beetles I am taking images of are all less than 5 mm, many less than 2 or 3. If I were to use the standard mini colour checker I would need to adjust the camera settings between imaging the chart and the beetles to get the entire chart in frame. So is the nano colour checker required for this situation?

Any insight would be much appreciated!

Mapping sensitivity for macro uv photography
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish February 9, 2022