I want to add a new data file of receptor sensitivities to the list to create a cone mapping model for a tetrachromatic violet-sensitive (VS) bird vision. I tried to add a file into the ‘Cone Mapping/Receptors” folder, but my file does not appear on the drop down menu in ImageJ.

What am I doing wrong?

In more detail:

VS vision in birds such as honeyeaters and pigeons extends into UV but the peak sensitivity is in the violet region. For now, I want to keep things simple and disregard any signals in the UV. Just to see how this works, I tried to simply trim the columns 300-399 from the receptor spectral sensitivities for the Peafowl – the only bird for which the receptor data are provided with micaToolbox that appears to have VS vision. But the modified file does not appear as an option to select when I try to generate cone mapping model from chart.

Modifying or adding new receptor sensitivities data
Stan Wawrzyczek Answered question September 5, 2020