The recommendations for light sources on the website have been discontinued. However, I inquired with the manufacturer, EYE Lighting, directly and they still carry the same version of the bulb, the MT70D, but with a G12 two-pin base instead of a medium screw base. The representative I spoke to told me that the G12 version, the 55930 MT70D/G12, can be special-ordered at a local commercial electrical distributor, since they no longer have it on their online catalog. You would need to use or convert to a G12 two-pin enclosed base, so consult a licensed electrician if you plan to go that route. If you improperly mount the two-pin base, you could risk electrocution or fire. With the shift to LED technologies, specialty lamps like this are being phased out or are no longer available, so who knows how long this version will still be available.

Not a question, but a recommendation for light source
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish August 4, 2022