I’m capturing images of objects under an illumination dome with multiple LEDs as the light source, with a fixed, vertical camera position (dome RTI method).  This generates a series of images, each of which is illuminated from a single light position ranging from low to high angles (roughly 5 to 80 degrees above the object plane).  Because the camera position is fixed, all the images are in pixel-registration.  The 36-megapixel raw images comprise approximately 5 GB of storage, in total.

As part of the dome calibration, I’ve captured an image of a ColorChecker target illuminated with a ring of high-angle (60°) LEDs for even illumination, as well as capturing images using each of the light positions.  I’ve generated an mspec file for the ColorChecker target illuminated with the ring LEDs, and I’d like to compare images of the target illuminated from each of the individual LEDs.  However, generating a separate mspec file and measuring the ColorChecker target individually for each of the LED positions is quite time consuming and tedious.  I’m wondering if it’s possible to open all the images in a folder as a virtual stack using the same mspec calibration and measure the chart in the entire stack?  In other words, is it possible to create a list of files to open as a virtual stack in a single mspec file, and measure them all simultaneously, or to automate the color chart measurement for the stack in some other way?

I realize this isn’t part of your usual workflow, but would appreciate any advice you can provide.

Opening a virtual stack of images using a single mspec calibration
jolyon Answered question July 15, 2020