Hi Jolyon,

I have a RAW image of a colour checker chart (NOT the Xrite passport but instead a Spyder checkr24) and an identical Jpeg which I have checked is not overexposed. When I generate the multispectral image, I’m claiming to have the standard reflectances 5,95 (I’ve also tried with other numbers here but getting the same issue). I then choose ‘measure chart’ with this image and save the results.

The issue arises when I try ‘generate cone mapping model from chart’ using these saved results. I’m selecting Bluetit 400-700 and D65 400-700, along with the default Xrite passport 400-700 spectra (this is the only option I have currently). I then get an error message saying ‘duplicate command: multiple regression, duplicate command: RGB exposure test, duplicate command: XYZ to CEILAB 32bit’ and my R squared results are horrible (0.69, 0.58 and 0.72).

Is my issue that I’m claiming the incorrect standard reflectances when generating the multispec image? Or perhaps I need to create a custom relfectance list to select instead of the Xrite passport when generating the cone mapping model? If so, is there a way I can show the toolbox my chart photo and get it to tell me what my reflectances are please?

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poor cone mapping model generation with ‘duplicate’ error message
Akhil Answered question July 16, 2021