I am trying to create a new chart-based reflectance model for a different camera, however I am running into problems on the upload. I am uploading from Canon camera so it has .cr2 RAW files, however there is a weird red sheen/filter over the whole image that doesn\’t seem right. I\’ve used Mica toolbox with .ORF files and haven\’t had any problems with this. I know there was a switch away from DCRAW but I didn\’t think that .cr2 files were new enough to have any problems with it. Any suggestions?

I also am trying to update my toolbox since I might be using an older version. I tried to add v. 2.2.2 to ImageJ but it doesn\’t seem to give the same options as it did before. When I go to the menu I only have the 4 macro options. I still had the old Mica Toolbox installed because I don\’t want to lose any data from that version.

Thank you so much,

Kelly Wuthrich

Problem with .cr2 files converting to .mspec
Cedric van den Berg Answered question March 28, 2023