Thanks a lot for your suggestion that we play around with the wiring; the motor is now working properly. But we ran into a new problem, this time with the stimulus sheets, and I was hoping that you could again give us a hand with it. I used your excel spreadsheet to calculate the width of the stripes for cpd values between 1 and 8, with a diameter of 328 mm (I was forced to reduce slightly some of the components because the default sizes you provided exceed the capacity of our 3D printer). I’ve tried printing the stimulus sheets in different printers (dpi printer =1200) and I seem to be unable to get rid of the Moiré effect. I’ve tried several B&W and color printers and the results are unusable. Do you have any suggestions? It would be a great help if you could tell me the make and model of some of the printers that you used to print your stimulus sheets.

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Problem with optomotor stimulus construction
Enrique Font Asked question July 2, 2021