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I am undergraduate student helping a doctorate student on her project. We want to measure the color of jackpine seeds across its range. We took the pictures using a full-spectrum converted Canon EORS RP 2019, Kolari Vision Flash as a light source and used ColorChecker passport Photo 2 as standards. Pictures did not look overexposed or underexposed at the time we took them. However, when we convert to multispectral image and measure the seeds’ reflectance values (by pressing m for the ROI), some values are over 100%. What could potentially explain those >100% values (light source, non-uniform lighting in the pictures, wrong values of the standards) ? If we want to compare the seed colors between individuals or populations across the range. does it represent a problem ? If it is a problem, how can we solve it ?

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Reflectance values over 100%
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish November 2, 2023