Hi team,

I have been handed some images for analysis which is great! Unfortunately almost all of them are sideways or upside down (why? I have no idea!). There is no problem in generating a multispectral image, but things get complicated when I rotate the image and save ROIs. When i reload the images the ROIs are in the wrong spot because the image loads sideways again. If I save the rotated image, as a tif the .mspec doesn’t find it and image doesn’t load. Similarly, if I save the rotated image over top of the RAW file, the .mspec can’t find the image. So I guess my question is, can I: generate .mspec, rotate the image, define the ROIs and then save the image and have it reload the correct way up with the ROIs aligned? Or do I have to open each of the the RAW files in a different program and rotate them, save them, and then generate .mspec?

Thanks heaps!!


rotate image
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish November 25, 2020