Hello MicaToolbox team! I’m part of a group using multispectral photography to match bird plumage to the avian visual spectrum. We want to make a UV-capable chart with artist pastels, as has been detailed on these forums. However, on the page describing chart-based cone-catch models, it’s stated that the “measurement needs to be incredibly accurate, and a standard spectrometer probe is not sufficient.” Is this an issue of optical resolution? Do you have a sense of what probe specifications would be sufficient to get accurate measurement of pastels for use as a color chart? I understand that you used a Jeti Specbos 1211 UV spectroradiometer. Is it worthwhile to get access to one of these machines if an Ocean Insight spectrometer isn’t sufficient? Thank you!

Spectrometer probe specifications sufficient for pastel chart measurement
jolyon Answered question August 23, 2022