Hi Jolyon,

I’ve got a question regarding the use of a set of images where the standard is always in a different image from the ROI. We know this is possible with the toolbox, but are currently having issues. As far as picture quality goes, we have taken care to be sure that the lighting and camera exposure settings remain consistent from the color chart image to the ROI image.

My colleague and I have previously gotten our protocol to work with a set of images in which the standard and ROI were in the same image. We are now trying to adapt this to a different set of images, which seems relatively straightforward.

In the window for Generate Multispectral Image, we select Grey Standards in Separate Photos. We are able to go through the steps, and select our color chart image and the standards in our color chart as usual. However, when we go to then select the image with the ROI, we get an error message (Image -22 not found in line 753 selectImage ( <photoID> );). Do you have any idea what we may be doing wrong here? Thanks for your help! Best wishes, Rachel

Standards in separate photo
jolyon Answered question October 2, 2019