I’m trying to input data for a variety of avian visual systems that we have collected in our lab, with the end goal of comparing the amount of color map overlap for each visual system using the flower example image you provide.  I created .csv files with receptor sensitivity data that is in the same format as the .csv files that come with the toolbox (e.g. Blue Tit 300-700), but when I run micaToolbox they are not recognized.  The same goes for the Weber fraction files (although this isn’t such a big deal).  I looked through the micaToolbox website and I can’t find out what I’m missing (self-proclaimed ImageJ novice….not surprised if I’m missing something here).  Can you please tell me how to do this?  I’d really appreciate your help.

P.S. I even tried just replacing the data within the files provided by micaToolbox, but when I run the QPCA there is no difference in the results between the different sets of data, so it obviously hasn’t used what I put in.  Please help!

Using receptor info not included with the toolbox
jolyon Answered question April 16, 2019