Dear Dr. Troscianko,

I am planning to start to perform photography and multispectral image analyses on my acquired images using the MICA toolbox. The wavelength range I am interested in goes from 300-320nm until 780nm.

The camera that most likely I am going to use is a converted Sony a7S (12.2MP) with a Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5. I see the same/similar body and lens models amongst the Toolbox’s calibrated camera pre-sets.

I wanted to ask if you encountered any problem in performing UV+RGB photography with such body and lens models and if perhaps there are particular things to be taken into account (e.g. if 12.2 MP are enough for all purposes). Also, will I still need to use a spectroradiometer even if my model+lens combination is among the pre-sets of the MICA camera calibration?

In conclusion, I plan to use HID lamps used for terraria in my setup. Intensities change accordingly to bulb model and distance at which the light source is put. Is there a recommended intensity range for UVA and UVB that I need to keep in mind for obtaining good results?

Thank you in advance for your time and help, together with many thanks for having developed such nice toolbox and user guides!

Best regards,


UV camera choice, calibration and light question
Federico Answered question December 8, 2021