Thank you for developing this wonderful tool and for being so generous with your time to help people learn. I had a few questions about equipment for UV photography. I have just purchased the Samsung NX1000 and Nikon Nikkor EL 80mm lens (as well as the helicoid, etc.) I still need to do the full-spectrum conversion and buy the UV filters. Since I don’t have access to a spectroradiometer to measure spectral sensitivity, I am trying to copy your camera setup so I don’t need to do that. Questions:

-I will probably pay someone to do the full-spectrum camera conversion. If they want to put a quartz filter in front of the sensor, is this a problem? For example, if a quartz filter is used, would I still be able to use your data on spectra sensitivities of the camera, or would the filter make it less accurate?

-In your paper, you mention that you can share CNC machining scripts for your filter holder/slider. Is this file available for download from your website? Also, will it work for my camera setup described above?

-With the lens attached to the Samsung body, the camera doesn’t seem to work in automatic mode (only manual mode). Just wondering if that’s also the case for you?

Thank you in advance for your help!

UV camera equipment questions – quartz filter and CNC maching scripts
jolyon Answered question November 16, 2020