This update mostly contains really major changes under the hood, but also a new image alignment feature:

  • Switch to LibRAW from DCRAW, meaning it’s more future-proof and works with pretty much all the latest digital cameras.
  • Affine align: this is a new otion for image alignment which allows a complete affine transform for image alignment. For now it’s just manual, so requires clicking three of more pairs of points in each image. Affine align means images can be aligned with six degrees of freedom, including rotation, scaling, and skew.
  • mspec files themselves have changed. These are simple text files which save the calibration information required to load, normalise and align images. The new system offers more precision and a more flexible format for applying future changes.

Edit 26/11/2020: There were a couple of compatibility bugs highlighted by Cedric – fixed in v2.2.1. Also a bug fix for using the chart measurements to create a cone-catch model.

Edit 09/03/2021: There was a bug in the script which loaded the mspec images (causing images to look blue in v 2.2.1). This is fixed in v2.2.2.

Download the latest version from the downloads page.

micaToolbox v2.2 release

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