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The MICA toolbox allows the user to import any desired spectral sensitivities or illuminant. It is important that the files have 1nm bins and are formatted correctly as .csv files. Please use existing files in the toolbox to see how the spectra and sensitivities need to be normalised as well as in what order the channels need to be arranged. If you would like to have a published spectral sensitivity or an illuminant included in the MICA toolbox by default, please contact us in the forum or via email.

Note that spectral illuminant data must be in photon counts (flux). The toolbox typically uses normalised illuminants where the peak=1 (allowing for the calculation of relative cone-catch quanta).

How to include old (non-digitized) data

Many publications on spectral sensitivities and light spectra predate the digital era and data may only be available in print. To extract the spectra from these publications we recommend using freely available tools such as the WebPlotDigitizer and others. However, this does not obliviate the need for correctly citing the original authors of that data.

Make Your Own: Spectral Sensitivity & Illuminant Files
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