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Hi Jolyon and Cedric! First of all I apologize for the late reply and I thank you very much for…View comment
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Hello Jolyon, Thank you for replying! Is there a way to find the camera's red channel sensitivity to UV? I…View comment
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I can confirm. I just re-installed the latest version from the link you provide in this website and moved the…View comment
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Thanks for your help and for developing this promising tool! I have re-installed ImageJ and the Mica Toolbox following the…View comment
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Hi Jolyon, I'm thinking about getting some PTFE for my lab. The problem is, when I look at plastic stockist…View comment
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Unfortunately, the Spectralon is too expensive. I do however have a X-rite Passport. Would it be possible to use the…View comment
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I have tried that and the same error appears.View comment
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