Hi, my name is Kelly Irvin and I am having trouble with the results I get from generating a multispectral image.

I start with jpegs that I linearize using Image J\’s Model Linearisation Function (I use a greyscale of: 0,25,50,75,100). Then I go to generate a multispectral image to prepare them for image analysis but when I generate the multispec image my image is in a purple hue.

I had already done this whole process before and gotten black and white images, which is what I want when generating a multispec image. Now, I am redoing the whole process where everything is the same with the same photos, but the photos have been deleted and redownloaded. I am doing everything the same, but the photos are now purple instead of just black and white. Any advice?

Generating Multispec Turning Purple
Kelly Irvin Asked question July 27, 2023