I am new to the field of color study, but am learning to use the mica Toolbox to answer a question related to how color components change in insects living in environments with different degrees of disturbance. For this I used micaToolbox to quantify the colors of the thorax and abdomen of these insects, and the values that the program gives me are luminosity (for human vision), RNormalised mean, GNormalised mean, and BNormalised mean. My question is: can I use these values to evaluate the coloration changes of these insects in the disturbance gradient (using a glm for example, with the color variables as the response variable)? Or is there a way to calculate hue, intensity and saturation values from the values that Mica toolbox gives me?

Thanks a lot!

about hue calculations
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish March 11, 2021