Is it possible to measure the luminance of some ROIs, without selecting any visual system model? I have no intrest in any specific visual system in particular, just want the luminance data from the photos.

Whenever I run the batch mspec analysis without model and adding human luminance channel, an exception window pops up with the following lines:

ImageJ 1.53k; Java 1.8.0_172 [64-bit]; Windows 10 10.0; 1546MB of 12245MB (12%)

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Channel out of range: 4
at ij.CompositeImage.getChannelLut(CompositeImage.java:455)
at ij.ImagePlus.setSlice(ImagePlus.java:1912)
at ij.gui.StackWindow.setSlice(StackWindow.java:316)
at ij.gui.StackWindow.showSlice(StackWindow.java:211)
at ij.plugin.Animator.startAnimation(Animator.java:208)
at ij.plugin.Animator.run(Animator.java:50)
at ij.IJ.runPlugIn(IJ.java:210)
at ij.Executer.runCommand(Executer.java:151)
at ij.Executer.run(Executer.java:69)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

The same seems to happen if I try with any visual system model. I need help, please

Batch mspec image analysis issue
jolyon Changed status to publish July 28, 2022