I have been trying to create a multispectral image following the “Creating a calibrated mspec image” video, but I have run into a recurring problem. After filling out all the boxes in the same manner as done in the video, I hit “OK” (around 9 minutes into the video) and select my .RAW file, but I get three error messages and nothing loads. The errors I get are:

  1. “Timeout- DCRAW doesn’t seem to have processed this file”
  2. “There are no images open in line 63 run (“32-bit<)>;
  3. “There are no images open in line 363 photoID = getImageID(<)>;

I tried to uninstall and do a clean install of all the programs (ImageJ and micaToolBox) and switched to the micaToolBox v2.1.2beta with LibRAW instead of DCRAW, but have no luck. I’m not sure what step I missed to get my files to open up.

Can’t open .RAW files when generating a multispectral image
jolyon Answered question December 18, 2020