Hello Jolyon, and thank you for developing this amazing piece of software!

I consistently get the same error when trying to generate a cone mapping model from the measurements of a x-rite mini colour checker. I tried to use different cameras (each one with its specific custom linearisation model which seems to work properly) and different pictures of the checker, but the same error always shows up.

The following is part of the error message I’m getting:

ImageJ 1.52k; Java 1.8.0_172 [64-bit]; Mac OS X 10.14.5; 1143MB of 3000MB (38%)

warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.6

/Applications/ImageJ.app/plugins/Cone Models/NikonCoolpixAW130_CIE_XYZ_1931_D65_.java:26: error: not a statement

float[] ;


/Applications/ImageJ.app/plugins/Cone Models/NikonCoolpixAW130_CIE_XYZ_1931_D65_.java:38: error: illegal start of expression

= (float[]) stack.getPixels(1);


/Applications/ImageJ.app/plugins/Cone Models/NikonCoolpixAW130_CIE_XYZ_1931_D65_.java:44: error: ‘)’ expected

X[i] = (float) (NaN [i]+( [i]*NaN)+(visibleR[i]*NaN)+(visibleG[i]*NaN)+(visibleB[i]*NaN)+( [i]*visibleR[i]*NaN)+( [i]*visibleG[i]*NaN)+( [i]*visibleB[i]*NaN)+(visibleR[i]*visibleG[i]*NaN)+(visibleR[i]*visibleB[i]*NaN)+(visibleG[i]*visibleB[i]*NaN));



Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help!

Cone mapping model from chart
dtbaldas Answered question August 8, 2019