I want to thank you for helping us with our UV calibration questions a few months ago (http://www.empiricalimaging.com/questions/question/pastel-color-chart-calibration/) — we were able to get it working with a bit of trial and error thanks to your help, and have been able to use it on several years’ worth of field data.

Second, I’m running into an issue converting images specifically to the dogfish cone-catch model that comes with micaToolbox, I think relating to the fact that it’s monochromatic. When I run Convert to Cone Catch -> Dogfish D65 on an opened mspec image of a color chart, I get the following macro error:

This command requires a stack in line 83

run ( “Average Stack” <)> :

I’m guessing that this has something to do with trying to take an average of a single-layer “stack”, but I’m not sure how to proceed. I can get this to work if I generate the cone mapping model anew with the mspec image open, but not by using the conversion tool. Any advice?

Some context here–this is for a summer course with the goal of getting students to calibrate their own phone cameras to generate false color images for a variety of visual systems, so it would be very cool to include a monochromat, but it’s not critical if this would take a lot of work to fix. And on that note, thank you for creating a tool that’s so easy to use that we can actually let students do this themselves without needing anything more expensive than a colorchecker! It’s really amazing.

Dogfish cone catch model conversion error
Dan_k Answered question October 8, 2021