I have generated a csv file for baboon spectral sensitivities that matches the format of the “Human 400-700.csv” file. I uploaded it to plugins > Cone Mapping > Receptors , and the new option (Papio 400-700) does show up as a Receptors option when I select micaToolbox > Camera Calibration > Generate Cone Mapping Model from Spectral Sensitivities.

However, I am getting an error message when I try to run this with the following selections:

Sony A7 28 to 70mm 400-700; D65 400-700; Papio 400-700; D65 400-700; Nautral Spectra 400-700; Interaction Levels = 3; Polynomial Level =1

The error message it returns is: Index (302) out of 0-301 range in line 187: cameraSensitivity [ ( j * sBins ) + i ] = parseFloat ( taa [ i + 1 <]> ) ;

I am not sure how to fix this error. Any ideas of where I’m going wrong here? Thank you for your help!

Error message when using “Generate Cone Mapping Model from Spectral Sensitivities”
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