Hi, I’m a graduate student studying camouflage strategies on lizards in Taiwan. I want to use peafowl to stimulate the predator’s vision and use the LEIA (col.cov and lum.cov) to quantify the concealment of different color morphs of lizards in the grassland habitat.

But I’m now confused about deciding the shooting distance when using the Acuityview function. Because different shooting distances will affect the information detail that is contented in the photo, and the Acuityview transformation is based on the Raw photo information, the shooting distance will definitely affect the result of the Acuityview transformation. Therefore, I’m troubled by whether I should shoot at a closer distance to maximize the detail on lizards or take photos from a longer distance to catch more information from the background substrate.

To be more specific, I wonder if the shooting distance will affect, and how it will influence, the ecological meaning of the results obtained from the AcuityView simulation.

best wishes

Hao-Sen Chen

How to decide the shooting distance for ‘Acuityview’ modeling?
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish April 2, 2024