Hi all,

I’m undertaking an undergraduate problem involving subjecting paralichthys adspersus, a species of flatfish with remarkable adaptive camouflage ability, to hypoxic water conditions and taking images of the fish at different stages of hypoxia, attempting to determine whether it is effecting their camouflage ability.

After reading “Quantifying camouflage: how to predict detectability from appearance” Troscianko et al, I wish to try the GabRat tool to see if it serves my purpose. I have downloaded the micatoolbox and can use the tool but being very new to image processing as a whole I don’t believe I am preparing my images nor the parameters for GabRat in an optimal way.

Therefore, if anyone could inform me if they agree that GabRat is a tool that would be useful in this project and if so provide a basic guide of how to use the software (I know the manual is available and I have read through it, I just still feel that I’m doing something wrong) that would be excellent.

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Is GabRat right for this project?
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish January 29, 2023