I’ve been running the ‘QPCA Pattern Analysis ROI’ on RNL clustered images with two ROIs selected (a gecko’s dorsal area, and the same shape over a representative sample of its background). Some images run successfully, but many produce two JavaScript exception windows instead. Occasionally the results for the first ROI come through, but a JavaScript exception pops up instead of the second ROI results. All the images I am processing have the same file structure and naming system, and I believe the creation of the ROIs and RNL clusters has been pretty consistent for all images. 

The exception always begins with the line “java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 784”, although the number does vary and is not always 784. 

I’m using MacOS with the M1 chip, and I am wondering if this might be causing some issues, or whether this error means there is a problem inherent within some of my images/the way in which I am processing them. 

I also have a second, smaller question. Are there known computer memory requirements for modelling higher acuity levels? I am unsure if I need more computing power or whether, again, I am just using the toolbox wrong. Most of the time when I attempt to model acuities above the default 6 cycles-per-degree I run out of memory very quickly (ImageJ is currently allocated up to 6000mb). 

Thank you!

JavaScript Exception error when running QPCA Pattern Analysis on ROIs
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish September 21, 2021