I first learned to fun QCPA a few months back and used a photo as my trial photo (a bird beak with orange coloration). The output after converting to presentation image was this:

Recently I went through the framework again after creating a better cone catch mode using a photo of my colorchecker with better lighting, then analyzing the photo used in the same presentation image above, but it gave me only 1 cluster instead of multiple (I assumed because of the different cone catch model), but the output image had a very low number of pixels, which makes me worried I’m doing something wrong:

Also, when making the presentation image this time, I was only given the option of the red input channel in the “Colour and False-Colour Image Creator” window. As far as I know, the only thing that changed between the two iterations of analyzing this photo was the cone catch model. Can you suggest a way to fix the low pixel count?

Thank you!


low pixel count in images created from QCPA
jolyon Answered question July 5, 2020

Edit: I just used the same cone catch model from the first attempt months ago and it also gave me a very low count, so there’s something unrelated to that that I’m doing differently resulting in the low pixel count. I’m not able to figure out what though because I’m going off the same primer I used the 1st time.