I have been working on creating a custom cone-catch model for my system and I believe it has been pretty successful. However, when converting the cone-catch to an RNL chromaticity and measuring the mean X and Y values, I have only been able to get a mean X value. I believe that the lizard model I used is a trichromat but I thought it was still possible to get both an X and Y mean. In order to try and solve this issue, I added a luminance channel through the LW channel (based on the literature of my system, a lizard) and then was able to get both the X and Y means. I just wanted to double-check that this was a valid way to get that Y mean value. If I was interested in then measuring luminance, could I just use that Y mean as the luminance channel for the pattern and luminance measurement?

Thank you so much for all the help and for the great program!

Luminance channel and missing Y mean for RNL chromaticity measurements
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish October 27, 2021