I got this error when running QCPA under the UV-perceptive blue tit system (Bluetit 0.05):

Error: “Etk_f6_Nikon_D7000_Nikkor_105mm_D65_to_Bluetit_D65_Acuity6_Dist500_WholeImage_WeberFiltered_itr5_rad5_fall3_Cluster_IDs” not found in line 344:

selectImage ( imLabel + <“_Cluster_IDs”> ) ;

The cone-catch image was created properly without error with the setting: Nikon D7000-Nikkor 105 mm-D65 300-700-blue tit 300-700. All other QCPA setting were as recommended in the tutorial. I had been doing the same analyses with the UV-insensitive blue tit system without any issues. Any help would be much appreciated!

Macro error when running QCPA framework
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish December 15, 2022