Dear Dr. Troscianko and collaborators,

First of all, thank you for creating the MICA and the QCPA! The prospect of being able to use UV-Visible pictures to analyze animal coloration is exciting.

I would like to use the MICA to analyze some UV-Visible pictures that we took in the lab some time ago with a UV-Visible lamp that we had at disposition at that moment: the OSRAM Ultravitalux Lamp spectrum and details.

I read the guidelines here on the website about illuminant spectra and I fear that the OSRAM spikey peaks will complicate the analysis as one of the symptoms of those peaks, the unnatural color, is clearly showing in our pictures (raws show a strong green bias).

I plan to ask Dr. Savazzi for the spectrum of the lamp and use that to calibrate the pictures, however I was wondering if there are any further steps I could take to model this illuminant in the MICA environment.

I thank you in advance for your attention! Best regards,

Nicola Rossi

Model Illuminant spectra – Osram Ultravitalux
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