Use of pattern and luminance analysis features.

Hi all,

I am an undergraduate student with little experience in the ways of image processing but I have been tasked with finding a metric to measure flatfish’s ability to background match.

The luminance and pattern analysis offered by the micatoolbox is very user friendly and I believe suits my purpose. The photos are taken vertically, above the water of fish within their tanks enabling a complete view of the fish and plenty sand which they rest upon.

I have selected ROI’s of the fish and the sand and subsequently used the luminance and pattern image analysis tools. This has been functioning well. However, when attempting to use the data analysis features (pattern and luminance difference calculator) I am encountering issues.

The calculator is not showing pattern energy as a usable variable to analyse. The calculator does give me the option to select mean luminance and/or SD but then outputs a blank results table.

Could anybody explain what I am most certainly doing wrong?

Pattern and Luminance analysis help
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish March 30, 2023